Because it is time to stop building your communities on other people's lands

Facilitates the rapid
growth of geolocated and
non-geolocated web and
mobile apps.

A community based
framework which allows
users to interact with one
another & different asset types.

Required services, resources or
applications are made instantly
available to users across a wide
range of platforms & devices.

A fully customisable cloud
based framework with an
array of built-in features
that promote seemless
user experience!

Detailed notification streams of
all activities on your application
sent to various devices and
social media channels.

Community members gain reputation
based on their interactions with
your application.


Select data relationships &
out of the box features

Design user experience
& visual narrative

Integrate front-end
with Lenticular

Host it in the cloud
using Windows Azure

Easily populate your
application with content

Specify communities,
member interaction & assets

Moderate site interaction
& content uploads

Track site statistics,
analytics & data reports

Over the past 3 years the highly skilled team at New Media Labs have written thousands of lines of code and spent countless hours on the Lenticular architecture so you don’t have to pay custom development rates to get these state of the art features developed from scratch.

The Lenticular Concept

We derived the name Lenticular from the natural phenomena known as Lenticular clouds.
These clouds are lens-shaped and often observed layered on top of each other in a funnel shaped cluster.

The appearance of Lenticular clouds vary drastically depending on the viewer’s vantage point.

This is akin to our cloud based framework which has a configurable service layer that allows us to host social
platforms which have shared functionality and features, but distinct user experiences.

List of Standard Features Available Out of the Box

  • Login / Share via Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn / Google+ / Email
  • Intelligent Tweet streams set up per asset, area or community
  • Filter and search functions with customisable criteria
  • Deep social integration with Twitter and Facebook
  • Asset detail pages that support rich media
  • Community based reputational scoring
  • Navigating between assets using maps
  • Geolocation enabled data types
  • Asset like / unlike functionality
  • Community member profiles
  • Community activity streams
  • Like / unlike asset reviews
  • Asset review controls
  • Asset rating controls

The Lenticular Admin Portal

It’s not just a content management system, it’s a content management suite!

The Lenticular admin portal is an advanced, stable and flexible
management suite that is easily configured across various
applications to fit your needs.

Easily Access & Save:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Diagnostic logs
  • Usage reports
  • Analytics

Edit & Configure:

  • General content
  • Data relationships
  • Rich media content
  • Administrator rights
  • Rating engine bounds
  • Social media integration and sharing
  • Notifications across different platforms
  • Asset types, communities, geospatial settings

Different applications with the same data templates and key features can be managed from the
same portal, alternatively each application with a unique feature set can run on its own admin portal.


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+27 21 447 4763